2012-09-16 04:31 pm

.Overly sensitive day...

I took mom up to the mall this afternoon so she could get one of her Christmas presents. This was a very bad idea for me. I didn't realize until after we got to the mall that I was having an overly sensitive day. spent less than an hour at the mall and had 27 panic attacks. It was to loud, every noise was like someone screeching right in my ear. There were to many people even though it wasn't very crowded for a Sunday afternoon. The smells were to much, every smell good or bad was like a kick to my olfactory and everyone was getting to close to me making my skin crawl constantly. My eyes were overly sensitive to the light but they are almost always overly sensitive to light so I don't really count that. We also stopped at a McDonald's on the way home because mom was thirsty and needed a snack. We both got some small fries and a drink so we stayed at the restaurant so I could eat and I thought I could handle it but there was a family that sat next to us that every time they moved their chairs would make horrible screeching noises that I just couldn't stand so as soon as we were done eating we left. Thankfully I am back home in my safe place.